Quidos Lease Plan Training - August 2015

Quidos offers a lease plan training course which will teach you how to sketch lease plans in accordance with the Land Registry Practice Guide, and licence plans, which contain all the requirements of the Licensing Act 2003 and also counts as a 3 hour CPD.

About the Course

Quidos offer a Lease plan training course which will explain the full legalities of Lease plans. The course is half day long, and will provide you with all the theoretical knowledge required to produce Lease plans.

This course is particularly useful to DEAs who need to produce lease plans. The course will explain the full legalities of Lease plans, but in essence Lease plans differ from basic floor plans required by Estate Agents. Solicitors will require plans which conform to a format as laid down by The Land Registry. Land Registry need plans to identify properties that Leases are being prepared for.

Please note, the course is only suitable for those people who are already able to produce accurate floor plans. For those people who do not, they should attend the Quidos Floor Plan course where Lease Plan production will be covered along with comprehensive instruction on developing floor plan skills.

More information about the Floor Plan training course can be found here: http://quidos.co.uk/training_fpt/

Training structure:

  • What are Lease Plans?
  • Who will be my Lease Plan customers?
  • Lease Plan Rules and Regulations explained
  • What information is required to create a Lease Plan?
  • How to compile a compliant Lease Plan
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